History of Bartlett Farm

The Bartlett family came to North Guilford when it was originally settled in the early 1700’s. Called The Cohabit, any man who was interested in moving his family’s north could claim a parcel of land for a very reasonable price. The land had to be cleared and a church built before it could be home to the women and children. The church was a very important part of the community at that time in history.

The house was not one of the original homes of the new settlement, but was built to accommodate one of the early descendants. The house was built in 1784. The family made every effort to keep up with what was fashionable for the times. Over the year’s porches, fireplaces, gas and electric were added and removed as new technology became available. A total renovation of the house was completed in the mid 1990’s. In addition to updating the plumbing and electric, much needed insulation and air-conditioning was also added, and heat was finally available in every room.

Sam’s grandparents, Mabel and Erastus Bartlett moved into the house when they married, living here till their deaths in the late 1970’s. They had two son’s Edwin and Edgar. Edgar, Sam’s father, married and raised his family in a home just to the north of his parents. Edwin married and raised his family in his paternal grandparent’s home located just to the south.

Erastus was a logger and sawyer by trade, owning E. Dudley Lumber Company The farm was not an occupation so much as a way of life. Horses were kept for transportation, as well as pulling logs to the sawmill. Animals such as cows and chickens were raised for meat, eggs and dairy. The barns that once housed these animals are still scattered about the property, though their renovation is still a work in progress.

No one seems to remember granny having a very extensive vegetable garden, but she did love flowers and at one time had a full time gardener. Unfortunately those gardens no longer exist. Erastus and Mabel left their land, home and business to their sons in the form of a corporation. To this day most of the original land acreage is still owned by The Bartlett Land Corporation. Sam established his own Sawmill and lumber business called New England Forest Products Inc. in 1980.

The business was located where E. Dudley Lumber Company had once been, on family land a short distance behind the house. The mill is in the same location but only the land is still family owned. The mill was sold in 1999 when Sam accepted an elected position for the town of Guilford. Strong community involvement has been a constant for the Bartlett family throughout Guilford’s history.

With Sam now retired from town politics, it was time to redirect his efforts back into the family farm and timber business. Sam and Diana also felt the time was right to open a Bed and Breakfast in their home. The B&B at Bartlett Farm opened on Memorial Day Weekend 2002.

Our Family

Sam and Diana and their 20 year old twins occupy a portion of the house separate from the B&B. Their family also includes two cats and a Golden Retriever named Rosie.

A love of animals and small children is a plus, but a constant effort is made to keep both children and pets in their separate quarters. Guests are asked not to allow the animals into the bedrooms and visits to the common areas are limited.