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Closed for now!

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

After careful consideration we have decided that we will remain closed for the foreseeable future. We would like to wait till everyone is vaccinated and the number of positive cases has greatly reduced before deciding when to reopen. It’s very possible that will not be until 2022.

Tentative Opening Date 2020

Sunday, July 5th, 2020

After reviewing the Phase I and Phase II requirements and evaluating the changes we would have to make to ensure the safety of our family and guests, we have decided to postpone reopening till the end of July/ beginning of August. In the meantime, we have started to make changes to our B&B that will enable us to welcome guests.
We have not opened online reservations, and will not, until we have a firm opening date. If you have any questions you can call or email.
Thank you,
Diana and Sam Bartlett

Opening date for Spring 2019

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

The opening date for our 2019 season is planned for April 26th. A little later than usual but we want to complete a few maintenance projects this spring. If the weather cooperates we may finish earlier than planned. Online reservation are open as of April 26th, please call for information about earlier dates.

Coming Soon- On Line Booking

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

We are in the process of updating to on line booking and should be up an running in the next few weeks. We will still be available to call or email about specials, to answer questions and to take reservations.  This change, which is long overdue, will streamline our reservation process.

It’s June! Count down to graduation

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

The past year has been a like a whirlwind, applications, college visits, final decisions and many happy endings.  The last soccer game, wrestling match, chorus and band concert, pasta party and team building sleepover.  Soon the last day of high school.  While all of this is exciting for our family it has also taken time away from the B&B.  With just two weeks left till graduation we finally have a few day to spend getting the front porch and yard ready for summer.  We look forward to a busy B&B season and have blocked out personal time to dedicate to our family and getting our children off to college but are eager to start a new chapter as empty nesters.