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Happy New Year

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Happy New Year!

I Love Winter, always have.  The night sky is so beautiful with its puffs of pink and swirls of purple. The cold crisp air and sunny skies that are so crystal clear and bright their invigorating; and when it is grey and gloomy it’s best to go inside.  No weeds and no wasps, flies, or mosquitoes.   The days are short, so little time for accomplishments.   It is time to curl up on the couch in front of the fire and read a book.   Maybe do a puzzle or organize something: recipes, photos or what ever else has been piled on the shelf waiting for a rainy, or better yet a snowy day.

No resolutions for me, but I did make a list of all I hoped to accomplish this year,  not the get healthy, loose weight kind of things but more the paint, fix or organize list. No idealistic goals for this girl.  I will not be repainting the inside of the house, instead maybe a window or two.  Organizing all our family photos from the past twenty something years would be a daunting task, instead I will be thrilled if the kids first years are put in some type of order, actually I’d be happy to find them.  Perhaps this is the year I will finally replace the light in the dinning room or hang one of the pictures that have been framed and set aside waiting to be given there place to shine.  Maybe not; I may just stay curled up on the couch and read about all the projects on the “to do” list.  HDTV’s not a bad option.  Nothing to strenuous or to time consuming, ambitious projects are best saved for spring.

I have both a “wish/want” and a “to do” list for the B&B in 2013.  They will both be reviewed and refined over the next month so when spring arrives I will be ready.