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Summer After Labor Day

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

While others may have spent the hot humid days of this past summer at the shore or by the pool, ours was spent at Country Paint and Hardware and miscellaneous home improvement stores.  Not exactly what we originally had in mind. Thanks to the help of two wonderful summer employees and our children we did tame the bushes bordering the front porch and paint the house: All while managing the busiest summer in the B&B since before 2008.

Long long ago in May, when we were planning the summer of 2012, we have visions of a glorious flower garden, herbs, potted plants, and a bountiful fall harvest from the vegetable garden we happily tended to through the spring and summer.

We had done some research on fencing and planned to tackle the pastures piece by piece with the hope that someday we could get a handle on the critter population, keeping pets in and squatters out.

It is now September and alas only tomatoes remain; and to our surprise a bumper crop of pears which I will address at another time.  The cucumbers, squash and peppers withered away long ago, the corn and beans were never planted and the remaining tomatoes are too few in number to can.  We have yet to start the fence project and we have more that a few windows and two peaks for a complete on the paint job but this has been a pretty good summer.  There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes with a job well done.  A lot of time and energy goes into the upkeep of an old house.  It’s not for everyone.  There is always something to fix or update and I have long list of things I hope to do in the coming months.  When the weather changes, inside projects!