The B&B at Bartlett Farm in Guilford, Connecticut

Welcome to the Bartlett Farm, located in North Guilford, just a few miles north of the Guilford Green and I-95. We offer a relaxing country atmosphere and comfortable accommodations. Enjoy a walk on a winding country road, take a hike on one of the many trails in the area, or just sit on the front porch and watch the day go by.

The farmhouse at the B&B at Bartlett farm has been in the family since it was built around 1784. The house was updated in the 1990’s but the surrounding farm is a work in progress. Haying field, maintaining a small garden, making maple syrup and selling Christmas trees keeps us busy throughout the year. A menagerie of animals, including chickens for eggs, ducks, fallow deer, rabbits and a bison require daily care and attention. Our family’s occupation is not farming but forestry. Producing and growing your own food was once a way of life, and now it’s our choice. We invite you to join us and experience a bit of history.


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